"Advocacy of human rights, make no mistake, is the firm and indeclinable commitment of my government..."
Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, August 7, 2011
"Particularly in a situation where some European countries are having economic difficulties, a free-trade agreement with Colombia and Peru is a good sign to promote growth"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, June 2012
"We would do no service to human or labour rights in either country by rejecting this agreement, because one of the core objectives of the agreement has been, precisely, to reinforce these positive developments."
Commissioner Karel De Gucht, May 2012
"It should also be noted that with the US’ recent approval of the US-Colombia FTA, it is important to ratify this FTA so as to ensure that the EU companies will not face a competitive disadvantage."
BusinessEurope, February 2012
"Not only will the trade agreement changes lives and create jobs on the other side of the Atlantic, it will also help our own continent in its hour of need."
Javier Solana, June 2012
"Colombia is in the midst of a process of change. It is transitioning from a country torn apart by internal conflicts to a spirited democracy complete with a functioning rule of law."
Guenter Verheugen, July 2012
"The EU, through the example of the trade agreement with Colombia, must demonstrate that even during the crisis it is betting on a tomorrow, on political and economic freedom."
Guenter Verheugen, July 2012
"Colombia’s human rights policy, is not a government policy, it is a State Policy that is intended to be permanent and for which we are all fully committed"
President Juan Manuel Santos, January 2012
"The objective [of Colombia’s human rights policy] is to build a true culture of human rights involving Colombians of all kinds in all municipalities, all districts and all villages of the country"
President Juan Manuel Santos, January 2012
"Colombia and Peru are markets with great potential. All parties will see important benefits from this agreement which extend beyond simple tariff reductions to wider social and environmental issues. EU business is already present and sharing its CSR practices and employee benefits on the ground. This has to be a good thing."
Director General of the European Spirits Organisation, June 2012
"With the EU Colombia/Peru FTA.. we certainly welcome the opportunities this creates for EU businesses. However if we want to reap the full benefits we must now focus on the implementation and enforcement of these and other trade agreements."
Secretary General of EUROCHAMBRES

about the Trade Agreement

The EU-Colombia and Peru Trade Agreement boosts jobs and growth at a time of global economic recession. It also helps Colombian democracy continue its progress in protecting human rights and labour rights... 10 reasons why the agreement is good for Colombia and the EU.

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75million: Combined Population of Colombia and Peru
3rd Most Business Friendly Country in Latin America
1,140,000m km²: Colombia is the size of Germany and France combined
8 ILO Conventions on Labour Rights Ratified by Colombia
8 International Conventions on Human Rights Ratified by Colombia